Just to get some idea what Blönduós is all about we wanted to share with you some beautiful nature pictures from summertime in Blönduós and surroundings

Winter in Blönduós

Blönduós is beautiful in wintertime with plenty of opportunities to marvel at the Northern Lights. We welcome guests all year round. Come visit a true Winter Wonderland.

Swimming Pool

The swimming pool Blönduós is an excellent place to relax after a good day hiking or driving around the area.

Its openinghours from 1. Jun to 20th August is 8am to 9pm on weekdays and 10am to 8pm on weekends.


Golfing in Iceland can be really fun activity. There is a 9 hole Golf course just outside our town. A perfect way to spend you day around Blönduós. The Golf Club Ós operates the Vatnahverfisvöllur as it is called. You could even try out midnight sun golfing

Seal and Bird Watching

Blönduós is perfectly situated for both seal and bird watching in Iceland. You can easily spot seals here and we recommend you to take a walk to the ocean and check out the seals. It is such a fun time to enjoy yourself in the nature and spotting seals and birds and we will point you out the best places.


The Troll of North West Iceland is called Hvítserkur. This is a 15 meter high monolith in the ocean and looks like somesort of animal an elephant or rhino well or even a dinonsaur. Is is crowded wtih fulmars nesting and looks alive and half-white from its elements hence the name Hvítserkur (Hvít=white).

Hvítserkur is yet another troll in Iceland that the sun turned into stone.

Textile Museum

The Icelandic Textile Museum in Blönduós has a uniqe collection of homemade wool and textile items. National costumes, artistic ambroideries and more. It is one of a kind in Iceland. The Women’s Union in Húnavatnssýsla founded the museum in 1976.

The Icelandic Seal Center

The Icelandic Seal Center is situated in the small town Hvammstangi that is about 60 km from Blönduós. The center was established in 2005 and is an award winning seal museum. An exciting and informative museum that gives you all you need to know about the seals that are found in Iceland and around the world.

There are also information about Icelandic culture and traditions in regards to seals.


Kolugljúfur canyon is close to Blönduós in Víðidalur, between Laugarbakki and Blönduós. A bit off the ringroad. The Canyon is by the river Víðidalsá. It has a waterfall named after the Troll Kola and called Kolufossaror. On the site you can find fnformation about the history and nature.


Want to go fishing in North Iceland

The River Blanda is one of the country’s most popular salmon rivers and it might get hard to get permission to fish there due to popularity. However, it is best to contact us in advange and we can see what can be done. Other salmon rivers are also in the area as well as good trout and char fishing in nearby lakes and streams.

Hrútey – Hiking

Hrútey Island can be reached from our lovely town. There is a good parking area by the river bank of the river Blanda. Hrútey is widely knowfn for its birdlife and an excellent place for a piknik and enjoying yourself.

There is a good parking place by the river bank and a trusty pedestraian bridge over to the island. There are good footpaths a areas for benches and picnic tables.

Horse Rental

Galsi Horse Rental is a family business in North-Iceland that offers horse tours and courses for beginners and advanced riders in a beautiful landscape. Check out there website. We can also help you arrange a riding trip.